Come orienteering with UBOC

Each week the club organises a series of quality training sessions, socials and competitions. With weekend trips thrown in a couple of times a term. If you're a keen bean you could be doing all of this!:

Monday 7pm Easy Pub Run Downs Water Tower
Tuesday 7pm Cross Country Club training Coombe Dingle
Wednesday 7.30am Circuits (XC Club training) Sports Center Gym
" 2.30pm Orienteering Training Various locations
Thursday 7pm-late Social (and XC training) Could be anywhere....
Friday Rest!
Saturday midday Orienteering Competiton Bristol / Forest of Dean etc.
and/or midday
Fell race
South Wales / Mendips etc.
Sunday midday Orienteering Competition South Wales / Mendips etc.
or 11am Long run Meet at the Suspension Bridge

Monday Pub Run

We meet at 7pm at the Downs Water Tower for an easy run finishing at a different pub each week. It's a great chance to have a chat with people and for you to get to know Bristol as the route is different every time. Don't worry about going to the pub in your running kit - everyone does and they know us lot now!

Wednesday Training

This is the main orienteering session to improve your navigation at speed. Different orienteering techniques will be focused on each time, with a few short courses to have a go at. This means you can come back to the starting point regularly to get advice from existing members on how sharpen your technique. Wednesday Training moves around each week so you need to check your emails (sign up below) to find out where we're meeting. We normally meet at either the Clifton Suspension Bridge or Downs Water Tower and jog to the training areas together.

Weekend Trips

Weekends Away

Our weekends away are most members' highlight of the club. We meet up with students from other universities for two packed days of orienteering training and racing, with a quality social on the Saturday night. Past trips to Sheffield and Oxford have become legendary within the club and this year we have been training in the Lake District, Salisbury, the Gower and took part in some championship races. You don't want to miss out! The club organises transport and accommodation, so all you have to do is turn up. We try to keep costs as low as possible and weekends normally cost around £30-40. In 2016 we had the privilege of hosting the BUCS Inter-University Championships, which is always a fantastic weekend. This year we have a new official addition to the club in the form of Fell Running, so if this is more your thing, on weekends away we now give the opportunity to go for a long and hilly adventure while the rest of the club work on their orienteering skills.

Orienteering events

The club competes in local competitions on the weekends in-between. The hallowed orienteering areas of the Forest of Dean, with its hills and mine-workings, and the intricate sandunes of South Wales, are regular venues are close by, while the Mendip Hills are a little to the south. We normally use members' cars or arrange lifts with members of Bristol Orienteering Klub which keeps the cost down. At competitions there are courses planned for all abilities; the length gets longer and the navigation harder as you improve. Total cost is normally around £5.

Fell races

There are often fell races happening in nearby in Wales or the Mendips. We advertise these in our weekly emails so you can sign up to find a lift there. Some of them are shorter and open to everyone while others require more experience. Some of the most popular races we do are the Mendip Muddle (20km, 400m climb), TACH races (summertime in the Mendips), and Skirrid, Blorenge and Sugarloaf around Abergavenny (5-8km each with up to 600m climb).


On top of the Pub Runs we have regular pasta parties, nights out, bowling trips and have even been known to hit SCORE sport nights sporting our finest superhero costumes. At Christmas we make an effort to dress up a bit for a good Christmas dinner which is always a great way to end the term.

Bonus features

When we have time we like to organise a few random things. We might organise a Saturday training session, go on little touristy excursions on the way back from trips, or stage our own competitions to raise money for the club. And of course there's our Good Pub Guide.