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El Classico


Eight intrepid members ventured to the south coast this weekend, for a hard weekend of racing among the urban jungle of Salisbury and the beautiful autumnal New Forest.

Saturday saw the inaugural Salisbury city race, seeing fast twists, changes of speed, with special navigational challenges traversing a plethora of local schools. Special mention goes to Ed, in the Mens open, in his first ever competitive event.

After some refreshing swimming at Bournemouth beach, we spent the night at Matt's house. Day two saw the Deer and Ponies of the New forest, in a classic race round the mixed woodland plantations.

Congratulations go to Kit, who's speedy time of 46 mins saw him win the 8.2 km short brown course. Duncan found himself in a 12km head to head race with the winner from Saturdays race, but lost time early on meant he dropped a few positions.

A high mispunch rate among other competitors meant they gained vital experience, as well as the reminder to always check control descriptions! Don't worry, we've all done it. A tiring, but rewarding weekend had by all.

Matt Whipple

P.S.Thanks to Oxford University OC for the headline