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Stretching Sessions @ The Breakfast Roll


A regular program of strength and conditioning work helps prevent injury and makes you more adaptable to zig-zagging through the tough terrain we find in orienteering.

The club organises irregular stretching and rolling sessions on a Thursday morning at 8am at a member's house. We call this The Breakfast Roll as a breakfast of cereal, croissants and orange juice is provided for a small donation to get you ready for the day ahead.

There is a rough routine followed each week but any suggestions for new stretches are encouraged! Scroll on to find out about the dreaded 'rolling'...


Here's some of the stretches we do in a typical session;

Ankle rotations

Calf against wall

Hamstring on chair

Hamstring on floor

Glutes on chair

Hip-flexors split-squat

Torso alternate sides

Arm rotations

Back nerve sit

Inner shoulder

Head and neck

Our stretches overall look something like this:

Rolling rolling rolling

You might go to a physio for a massage to loosen yourself off but there's a way to get all the benefits for much cheaper at home. Imagine sliding your thighs back and forth on a giant foam rolling pin. Your self weight pushing you down onto the curved top of the roller gently (ha!) massages your ITB band. A tight ITB band is a common cause of knee problems and restricts the length of your stride.

Other areas can be rolled including your back and calves. The best part of rolling is watching other people roll for the first time. It hurts. But with regular sessions your ITB gets more relaxed, and you shouldn't fall off the roller with pain.

So I'll see you at 8am on Thursday! (check the facebook group for details).

Duncan Birtwistle (Training Officer)