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Saturday - Winchester

UBOC memberships have sold like ‘hot cakes’ this year! Nabbing sporty and adventurous people, from all across the globe, for another year of orienteering fun. Beginners, and veterans alike, came together for a weekend of maps, mud and Matt Whipple’s crazy antics.

All together there were 17 of us, including our two orienteering crazy alumni, Duncan and Abi. Saturday saw us in Winchester for a spot of urban orienteering around the city centre. Many of us sported our new race tops for their competition debut.

Everyone either ran the Men’s (7.6km) or Women’s (6.8km) Open.

Success for the boys, taking 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Tom, newcomer to UBOC from the Cambridge team took the gold. Duncan, after a killer Halloween night out the day before, took Silver. Matt ‘the whippet’ Whipple just missed the podium in 4th, but still an impressive time.

Similar success for the girls. Charlotte had a cracking run and came in 5th with Abi hot-on-her-heels taking 7th. Newbies Sophie E. and Sophie G. battled it out for 19th and 20th, both finishing with impressive times.

After the event, in typical UBOC style, we went for an adventure. Kit took some artistic photos, everyone swung on a robe swing, then Matt demonstrated how he is both a monkey and a fish.

Sunday - New Forest

Up and off, we ventured to the New Forest. There were a range of courses to choose from across all colours of the spectrum.

Kai and Ellen were at home in the forest, navigating well and came in 3rd and 4th on the Light Green course. After a bit of confusion at control 14 in Winchester Ollie got back his strive on the Light Green, completing the course 15th. Blue finished the Light Green like a pro, after a mispunch on Saturday could have lowered his confidence. Sophie E. found the navigation on the Light Green challenging finishing 13th and still had energy for korfball after we got back to Bristol (you're a machine!)

Tim had a great run on the Green, coming 6th with under an hour time. My Green course was fun but not fast, after losing time on a few controls added up to around 20 minutes of faffin' around.

Sophie G. was disappointed with her performance on the Short Blue, as was IngieCharlotte was powering through after her amazing result yesterday bagging another high spot on the leaderboard, 5th.

Abi showed her orienteering skills on the Short Brown, pulling 4th out of her proverbial map-bag.

Kit had a stomping run on the Black, after a bit of worry about his injury on Saturday.

All the newcomers have so much potential, you guys are awesome!

Massive thanks to the drivers, Abi, Duncan and Matt, and Ali for organising everything. Legends.

Kit’s word of the weekend. Rassin'


Race Reports:

November Classic Day 1, Saturday 1st November: Winchester - by Sophie 11

A mighty UBOC contingent of 17 arrived eager to bother the good people of Winchester by running past them at high speed (we hoped…) - especially as the great weather meant lots of people milling around to dodge. Both courses were fairly long for a sprint event with some interesting technical Tom and Duncan made fierce competition for the top spot on the Men’s Open, with Tom just getting in there with an impressive time of 55:56. Matt was also very close behind: shame Jack Kosky managed to interrupt our UBOC top 3 positions (damn you Durham)! Kit had a good time of just over an hour despite getting cramp and finding that doing sprint events in brand new shoes isn’t a great idea… (but don’t give him too much respect for that, he wasn’t competing for UBOC!) Ali and Tim also had strong runs, coming in at 1 hr 10 and 1 hr 17 respectively. Kai bounced up from a nasty slip on some leaves right at the beginning to finish just 25 seconds ahead of Sean. Unfortunately Ollie had a bit of a hard time on his first competitive course and after soldiering on for an hour and 40 mins through the first half decided it might be wise not to kill himself as he had to run the next day. Blue persevered for over two hours only to find he’d mispunched the last control – so easy to do but so annoying!

On the ladies’ side, Charlotte stormed it to come in fifth, with Abi not far behind in 7th place – ahead of a few big names. Both Sophies were only a minute apart, followed by Emma, Ingie and Ellen; all 5 of whom lost a bit of time on some tricky route choices, but it made comparison afterwards very interesting! Results

November Classic Day 2, Sunday 2nd November: New Forest - by Kai

After a surprisingly comfortable night on the floor of our Scout Hut, we were headed for the slippery paths of New Forest and ventured out on a variety of different courses. Despite the tricky punching system, no one got disqualified and outstanding results were achieved.

On the black course, Duncan came second place. Matt (although not satisfied with his performance), Kit and Tom had some very good times and were among the top class athletes of this weekend.

Most of our orienteering freshers took on the Light Green course, with Ellen and Kai making good times. Blue and Olli had some nice splits as well, but got lost too many times. Sophie (not 11 - the korfball one) had many excellent splits and had no problems finding the first 11 control points, but unfortunately she lost her orientation and spent too much time trying to find the next control point. Emma and Tim went a step further and did the Green course, both achieved great times.

Meanwhile Ingie, Charlotte and Sophie did the Short Blue course and Abi, Sean and Ali ran on the Short Brown course. Charlotte came a brilliant forth place. Ingie ("I don't want to talk about this race") and Sophie ("this was the worst race of my life") were a bit disappointed by their race although they can be satisfied with their overall performance during the weekend. Results

Overall, a great weekend, lots of new people showing all the benefits of training, and performing way beyond expectation for their first few races, and also some older folks really pushing into the top level competition. And also, a comment from some of the bigwig trustees of British Orienteering- "How have you managed to get a university orienteering club so successful?"