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Past posts

Aviemore 2013


What happens in Aviemore, stays in Aviemore. Apart from this.

Orienteering training, bridge jumping, heavy socials, mountain runs, towel parties, midnight boat trips, crazy golf, The Vault, fell races - it all happened in Scotland last week. ShUOC (Sheffield University Orienteering Club) booked out four wooden chalets by the River Spey and filled them with students for seven days. Abi, Alex and Duncan went from UBOC and there would have been a fourth, Graham, but he missed his flight.

Will Gardner had planned a series of training session for everyone each day, with a 'rest day' for a run up Cairgorm to tick off a few Munroes. The final day's training on Lock Vaa was the best. A head-to-head 'peg-relay' with rolling handicaps to slow the faster runners down - great fun racing flat out. On the evenings between the training we cooked in our chalet groups and then piled into the Freshers Hut each night for a social. The towel party (yes, dressed just in towels) was good but the nights ending at The Vault, Aviemore's only nightclub, were best.

We were in Jamie Parkinson's (Oxford) car on the way back and pulled over on our way through the Southern Uplands to take in the short but brutal Devil's Beef Tub race at Alan Cherry's recommendation. And we were glad we did with Duncan and Jamie claiming 2nd and 3rd and some beer and beef products in the process

See you next year!