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Past posts

BUCS 2016


BUCS 2016 saw 200 athletes representing 28 universities competing for glory! Saturday’s individual race was at Moseley Green in the Forest of Dean. The terrain was a great mix of open forest, paths, dirt tracks, mounds and gullies, long and short legs. The men’s A was 10.5 km with an impressive 415 m climb, women’s A/men’s B 7.3 km with a 260 m climb and the open race 4.4 km with a 115 m climb.

Everyone in UBOC ran well, with only Kai mispunching though he was as jolly as ever. Particularly Matt, Abi and Ben (honorary UBOC member) had great times. This was a great opportunity for some of the UBOC newbies to get a feel for a big competition and see some of the pros in action. Determination, by both Tracy and Tristan, through some long splits is a great trait for an orienteer to have.

The social started with a meal at Cosmos wearing all our fancy dress and being thoroughly outshined by the other university’s efforts into their costumes, the teletubbies from Sheffield really looked the part. Then everyone moved onto Mbargos for the traditional boat race, and finally to Bunker for the most adventurous of us all.

Sunday, everyone shuck off their lack of sleep and went to Cooper’s Hill to compete in the relay. The weather was considerably better than last year’s snow and spirits were high, everyone had their competitive head on for the relay.

It wasn’t UBOC’s day unfortunately as all but one of our teams mispunched, the remaining team being the women’s second team called “We Tried”, the mood was disappointment. But after everyone ate some leftover breakfast croissants and got changed out of their muddy clothes, spirits were back up. Everyone made a valiant effort and it’s worth mentioning that the Ad-Hoc team (Lawrence, Kai and Claire) had a great time overall and would have actually been first.

Overall, we came 9th out of 29 universities, a very respectable achievement – only one place lower than last year and we had quite a few more people last time. It was a great weekend on home turf and the other teams commented on how much they enjoyed it.

Of course, there are many people and orienteering clubs to thank for making the weekend a success, I’m sure there were more people involved than have been mentioned by name, so a general thank you to everyone involved. Within UBOC a special thanks to Tom for his organisational effort; Mark and Abi for sorting out accommodation and breakfast; Matt, Ali and Abi for being the taxi drivers all weekend; Duncan for planning the amazing relay courses; Ali for the amazing social; Megan for helping out at the start on Saturday and Sophie for organising transport for UBOC members.