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Brislington Urban


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I hope exam revision is going well for everyone with exams, and that everyone else is enjoying a nice quiet University! Another week’s email of fun and adventure, with upcoming race details and completed race’s reports, the highlight of course being the second part of Tom’s ETOC escapades.

Race Reports:
Brislington Urban - Sophie Gordon
Adam and I headed over to Brislington for our favourite kind of revision break: orienteering. The course featured a few interesting alleyways and underpasses (although not quite as many as Bower Ashton!), some steep roads and a nice path along the river. Adam escaped a 3-minute smoking courtesy of Owain Jones from BOK, who would have won if he hadn't missed a control, leaving Adam with a clear lead. Unfortunately I also managed to miss one, but I didn't have so far to fall down the leaderboard!

ETOC Relay and TempO - Tom Dobra
After a big improvement on the second day of the ETOC PreO, I still certainly wasn’t expecting the excitement that would following the next day at the relay (PreO + TempO as a relay team of three). Having won the toilet race after Antti Rusanen (FIN) took a wrong turning into a cleaner’s cupboard, I was stood watching the relay start some 75 minutes late. The cause of course then materialised to a huge cheer at -3 minutes with all the paras ready on the start line: the toilet truck had finally cleared the motorway! Charles Bromley Gardner (BAOC) was off on first leg for team GBR1, back in good time to hand over to me. The PreO was in the dramatic backdrop of Devin Castle with an entertaining collection of short, medium and very long range (2 km with 1.2 m large kites on the opposite hillside) problems, followed by two challenging TempO stations. An hour’s wait and John Kewley’s (MDOC) PreO result came through with us in 2nd place! We were all clean in the PreO component, placing us safely behind Finland and with a bit of a lead over Sweden. This just left JK to clear the TempO as 2nd last competitor (done in reverse order). Marit Wiksell of Sweden made one mistake on the first station, giving us a 40s advantage into the final station. Unfortunately, we were no match for the Scandinavian TempO specialist, so we slipped down to 3rd, but nonetheless European bronze medallists!
Tuesday brought in the TempO on contoured sand dunes in a pine forest. Too many mistakes, too slow and not being able to anchor myself at station 3 left me well outside qualification. As our only qualifier, JK came an incredible 18th in the final, which looked incredibly hard with no paths between the stations to anchor your location. The evening saw our relay medal ceremony and the best ETOC or WTOC banquet in quite a few years!

Sunny Sussex Weekend - Tom Dobra

On Sunday, we went to the long distance race of the Sunny Sussex orienteering weekend at Worthlodge Forest. It was a lovely runnable forest of varying character, caught just in time before the bracken grows up, with the weather holding up as promised too. Peter Dobra improved substantially on his previous green performance with a time of 64:11. I started with a lot of mistakes over the first half of the course with plenty of deployments of the run in a random direction method. For the second half, I focused a little better to win some splits and come home 5th on the black in 89:03.

BOK Trot


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Another exciting week rolls by, congratulations to Tom who has performed incredibly well at the European Trail Orienteering Championships and to other Tom and Michael for a brilliant race down in Bower Ashton. I must make a quick apology to Sophie and Abi who ran their own event week before last - but did not get a mention at all!

Ross On Wye Urban - Megan Carter Davies
Today, Ben, Adam and I headed to Ross-on-Wye for a race around the town, part of the UK Urban League. UBOC alumni Richard Cronin planned some good routechoice legs, some of which I’m still not sure which the best way would have been! The nature of the town meant lots of long road running legs, with simple navigation. The boys battled it out over their 13km (shortest line) course to finish just 10s apart with Adam taking the win and Ben 2nd.

BOK Trot, New Beechenhurst - Sophie Gordon
After some pavement pounding on Saturday, Adam, Ben and Meg along with Sophie and Michael headed off to New Beechenhurst in the Forest of Dean for the BOK Trot. The event was part of an OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) weekend with trail running and mountain biking races, so the event arena was buzzing. The course took us straight into an intricate contour area then out into runnable woodland which was gorgeous in the sunshine. Unfortunately the warmth was not to our advantage as gradual dehydration seemed to give most of us fuzzy heads - combined with aching legs from yesterday this meant the most common response to "how did it go?" was "terrible, but I enjoyed it"!

BUCS success!


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Well done to all who competed at BUCS this weekend, a month later than planned - but at least it wasn’t snowing! Some brilliant results by Megan (winning the Women’s A individual race with a legendary winning margin) and Adam (podiuming on Men’s A).

BUCS relay race report - Matt Pickering

Two cars left Bristol carrying the remaining 6, their destination: a forest in close proximity to Oxford. We use the word forest loosely, but there were trees, and in fact Lawrence said it would be a forest that NGOC would be proud of. The atmosphere in the arena was electric, universities had traveled long distances from across the country to be at the relay at Shotover Country Park. Despite the tension, we still found time to admire a few (unpixelated) flags before the relays started. It was Adam potter and Lawrence on the start line for Bristol, striking fear in those to the left, behind, to the right and in front. Before we knew it they were off into the woods, the pace was fast and furious, there were many paths but the terrain was quite rough going. Lawrence took an early lead but was quickly by Adam potter who returned home in a time of 30:41 (maybe). Just behind was Lawrence and then the second leg runners, Michael and Abi, were on their way. Finally the third leg runners, Matt and Angus, were on their way chasing the BUCS championships. Teams did fairly well, coming 8th and ‘not last’. We even had time to make friends with Loughborough and Matthew Leitch: EUOC JK 2018 tempO champion. Matt was defeated by the intricate download arrangement. Safely returned from the forest our only desire was warm showers and food in our bellies. So we headed to the sports hall floor and then onto Tesco's where we dawdled so much Angus though we'd left him there. The UBOC train evenly reformed at Keble bar and then were eventually fed (Lawrence sat diagonally opposite little Perks) before heading back and swiftly fell asleep.

BUCS individual race report - Lawrence Jones, Magnus Ross and Matt Pickering

Magnus had lots of fun. We suspect the sun rose on the second day but we couldn't see it because we were in a room with no windows. Our team of six grew to nine with various members arriving on trains. We all arrived at the map area, mildly put as rather green. While Matt's car acted creepy looking a random cars on the street. Race connoisseurs, Lawrence, Michael and Adam headed to the pub for a quick pre race breakfast. Magnus had breakfast at the best Western hotel while Megan and Ben flew from the deepest depths of scandinavia (Stockholm). Angus and Magnus were nervous about having to use emit, and to be honest so were us all. Out in the terrain all runners did exceptionally well - not at all put off by the ground rumblings of the UBOC train (heading to the wrong control). BUCS is always a time for smokings and this year was no exception: Michael (who smoked Lawrence by 4 seconds) and Angus (who smoked Magnus by 30 seconds). Unfortunately the best kind of smoking, beating Dobra, was rendered impossible as he was too fearful to attend (we suspect scared off by the smoking threat). Megan won the women's by an insane 9 minutes. Adam potter proved Bristol is the best university for training after finally winning bronze (never managed in three years at Sheffield). A good weekend of racing complete, we headed home to write the race reports.

European TrailO Championships - Tom Dobra

This year's European TrailO Championships PreO was this weekend in hot, sunny Slovakia. The two days were tough with lots of pure map reading on contoured hillsides with plenty of cliffs. On Saturday, I made a few mistakes, scoring 20/24 (44th), but still top Brit by 5.5s. Today, I was clean, except for a stupid miscall on the final timed control, earning me 15th today, 35th overall and clear top Brit. In a field of the best, there's no room for error! 

New committee!


Congratulations to our new committee members for the next academic year, elected at the AGM.

Crawling up Cribyn



Ben (left) and Sam slogging up Cribyn

Cribyn Race Report - by Sam Hutson-Smith

The race kicked off at 1pm, starting at the bottom of Cribyn, staring up at the daunting climb ahead. We started off climbing up a gradual ascent, before dropping down into a valley, jumping a river and scrambling up the other side. The steep incline and hot weather made this the most gruelling part of the race, and most competitors spent it on all fours. After reaching the Cribyn summit, we then descended again before climbing to the summit of Pen-y-Fan - having to dodge our way through groups of confused looking walkers who probably thought we were insane. Ben won the race in a time of 55:12, taking the lead on the final downhill stretch. Tim finished in 12th place and I came in 27th. Charlie came in 38th place, gaining 10 places from the top of Cribyn, and still found the time to take photos of the amazing views at the summit. This was no doubt the hardest short distance race I've run, but was (just) worth it for the views at the top

Black Down Race Report - by Tom Dobra

I went for a gorgeous orienteering race on the Mendips on Sunday with plenty of distracting views. Despite the controls being well hidden, the navigation was relatively easy on the open hillside, although that didn’t stop me from making several errors. Unfortunately, this was all eclipsed by not really being able to run due to a cold, leaving me down in 7th place in a time of 68:09, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.