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Fan Fawr Fell Race 2019


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Hello UBOC!

We have had an excellent week of Give-it-a-Gos and our first Monday night run. It was great to see so many old and new faces. I was impressed with the enthusiasm shown by everyone despite the perils of the new academic year including coursework and Freshers’ flu. This week is our first ordinary week including the first Wednesday training session and a packed weekend of races. I am also introducing you to the trips we have planned this term in this email.

Fan Fawr Fell Race - Matt Pickering, Rob Elston, Josiah Godwin, Dan Weaver

3 new fell runners and Matt p toed the line of the fan fawr fell race, 3.2km with 300m of climb, it seemed like only one likely outcome! After a very short warm up the race was off. The competition in the u23's took the lead from the start, powered by his 16 year old quads bigger than Adam Potters'!
Rob has a quick start keeping up with the leading pack running most of the way, not realising you could walk until someone passed him... walking. It was a tight tussle between Matt, Dan and Rob all the way uphill, but Dan reached the trig point first, shortly followed by Matt and Rob in quick succession followed by Josiah.
All of us take the quickest way off the top (on our bums) but Dan's loses skin on both hips due to his short shorts.
Josiah's optimised shoe choice for the steep downhill (Road shoes) allowed him to get the maximum slide speed. The downside however was an impressive 4 falls compared to Robs 1.
Dan finished in 12th with a time of 20:23, Matt came 18th in 20:56, Rob came somewhere in a time of something (we think the results are wrong), and Josiah came 34th in 23:32
After a rest Dan went for a short 2km run with rcro and Matt O'keefe where he fell more times than on the course.
We then headed home listening to a pep talk from Dame Kelly Holmes all feeling inspired for the next one (here

JK 2019


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Good Morning UBOC!

It has been a while since the last of these emails! In the meantime we have been to Scotland (and won BUCS points!), elected our new committee (not yet got rid of the old one!), been to the JK (with plane spotting!) and finally hosted an event down at Stoke Bishop. So in turn…

It seems like it has been ages since BUCS, but once again well done to everyone who went and I hope you all enjoyed the brilliant terrain and anomalous weather.

Thanks to everyone who came to the AGM (and the Balloon Bar afterwards) and volunteered for the committee (or didn't), I would like to confirm that our committee for next year is:

Our New Committee:

Captain: Peter Dobra
Vice Captain: Abi Bateman
Treasurer: Luke Fieldhouse
Secretary: Dan Weaver
Social Sec: Eleanor Davey
Fell Running Rep: Tom Dixon

Well done to everyone who went to the JK, and particularly to Abi who ran a brilliant 3rd place in the Sprint!

Finally well done to Dan and Peter who were organiser and planner of the first of BOK urban league for the year. Brilliant courses and a fantastic turn out, a good start to the summer orienteering season!

JK 2019 - Peter Dobra

The yearly Jan Kjellström Orienteering Festival took place over the Easter weekend in the heart of the south of England. Britain’s largest orienteering event was four days of action-packed racing (and fun!).

Day 1 was a fast-paced sprint and a TempO around the army barracks in Aldershot. The area wasn’t too technical and produced lots of fast running where slight mistakes were very costly. This race provided a nasty experience for the organisers with a high rate of false misspunches due to the Mighty EMIT which have taken days to fix. By my count, six current UBOCers raced: the most notable performance was Abi who came 3rd in Women’s Open-should have done the Elite course. Also of interest was Megan Carter-Davies who asserted her dominance by winning the Women’s Elite course.

Day 2 ratcheted up the technical difficulty with a middle-distance race around Old Windmill Hill- a woodland recently closed from the public filled with gentle wibbly-wobbly contour detail. The planner ominously proclaimed non-runnable brashings, but it was nothing compared to dirty Forest of Dean maps so was mostly good for hard running. This was our best turn out with eight current UBOCers. The notable performance was Lawrence this time. He came 5th on M21L-middles really are his awesome cup of tea. Also, well done to Meredith for beating Sophie for the first time. Megan was on the podium once again. At the sharp end of the men’s race Adam managed to beat Ben for a change. Tom Dobra cemented his British number one ranking at the nearby PreO event.

Day 3 had the final individual race – the long – in a banana-shaped woodland near Newbury. Once again the running was fast but this proved a hazard in the “heat” over the classic distance courses. Tom Dobra was witnessed downing four cups of water at the water station. Dan broke out his inner biologist and had a rather too close inspection of a tree branch. Use a hand lens next time! This topped off a Dan adventure with more tumbles than a washing machine and directional errors caused by getting his compass too close to his EMIT Tag. Despite this, he still beat me by 17 minutes. Six current UBOCers this time. The notable performance came from Matt who finished 6th on M21L. Megan completed a successful weekend with another win.

Day 4 was the relay at Minley Manor. This had fast running yet again and was the day of the trains, although I had little train action myself. It was in a mixture of varied forest and open fields which provided some lower technical difficulty for weary minds. However, there was no such rest for weary legs with the last minute of the course in full view of the event centre. The aptly named UBOC Ridge of Death had a solid run to 27th place in the JK Trophy against very strong opposition.

We would like to thank the Jones for providing accommodation and vast quantities of fish and meat for most of the UBOC runners over the weekend. The customary swimming trip and UNO games took place and were well enjoyed, as was plane and bad driver spotting on the M25. Well done to all the runners, I think we did quite well. I have only found one misspuncher among us, which means we have a lower than average misspunch rate. Hype for JK 2020!!

BOK Urban, University Halls - Lawrence Jones

This wednesday saw the the event planned and organised by Peter and Dan over in Stoke Bishop. Spontaneous start supplies and my own home made start clock did nothing to dent the calm composure of the organising team who put together a brilliant event with some interesting courses. As may be expected UBOCcers did fairly well, Matt ran a solid 4th place, I came 14th, Abi 29th (all on the Blue). Newcomer Diego Lascurain had a good run around the orange and came 4th.

Icenian and EUOC 2019


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Hmmm - I am running out of adjectives … another Stupendous week awaits! More training, both fell running and orienteering races and of course adventure… Massive congratulations to our runners at the Icenian and EUOC for a mighty effort that saw us placed a phenomenal (I have found the thesaurus now) 4th. Big shout out to Tom Dobra who didn’t let only having two weeks left of Uni stop him from running for UBOC and scoring us lots of points! The result certainly bodes well for BUCS later this term.

Icenian and EUOC - Dan Weaver

After a breakdown in communication, 40 minutes of waiting in the cold and stalling the "unstallable" car, we left Bristol headed for St Albans. Just over 2 hours of moronic drums later we arrived at the Jones household greeted with food and alcohol. After replenishing our hunger and half a game of Citadels we went to bed to get some much need rest for the 13.3km black and 10.0km brown we had in store for us the next day.

Well rested, the next morning we headed to the event. The area was extremely clear underfoot and the forest had great visibility as promised, making for fast running conditions. Even with this visibility no bears or wolves were spotted and everyone returned in one piece, all in agreement that the courses were very well set making for very enjoyable courses.

We then returned to Bristol with 2 more hours of moronic drums, singing, accordion, sitar and synth

Luke Fieldhouse came 19th, Tom Dobra 23rd, Dan Weaver 24th, Lawrence Jones 49th and Peter Dobra 51st on the black and Meredith Moody (unable to run) came 22nd on the brown. This set of results put UBOC a very respectable 4th in the EUOC.

Sugarloaf Fell Race and BOK Oldbury Court


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What, another brilliant week? And another to come? Sounds pretty normal…

Just a reminder about buying membership for the club. I like to be relaxed about these things, however memberships are vital to keep the club going allowing us to invest in new club equipment, subsidise weekends away and also help us convince the SU that we can continue existing. Membership is currently £15 and can be obtained from here. On a more exciting note we are putting in our order for this years batch of lovely red and white race tops (that you have probably already admired) in early December so that they arrive before the University Champs in March. If you are interested please send us a message or email indicating your likely size (the manufacturer Bryzos makes their shirts small) - it is looking like the price will be £25. 

At a glance: Get your UBOC membership and race top!

Sugarloaf Fell Race - Meredith Moody

On Saturday morning Sam and I had the pleasure of using the Temple Meads to Parkway rail replacement bus service, on our journey to Newport where we got a lift from Richard Cronin to the Sugar Loaf fell race. It was worth it. The race was almost entirely trail with 500m of climb over 9.5km; this was my first proper fell race and it was hard! Near the top I was climbing with my hands.

We were blessed by the weather and there were some fantastic views. I crossed the line in around an hour five minutes; Sam had already finished by then (he forgot to wear his watch so wasn’t sure what time…). We then went to the pub for a well earned pint.

Oldbury Court Extravaganza (Night … and Day) - Peter Dobra

Oldbury Court in north Bristol played host to two events this weekend-a night Score event on Saturday followed by a race on Sunday. Some of the terrain was lovely easy parkland, the rest was full of steep slippery slopes and crags-stone stairs were especially slippery and required care. Navigation was mostly easy and provided a nice introduction to night orienteering for those of us doing it for the first time.

There were three UBOCers at the event on Saturday and it was just me on Sunday as far as I know. It was going quite well for Matt and I but tailed off with some mistakes including Matt ending up near the bottom of someone’s garden. Luke had a painful run-in with a fence. On Sunday, I visited 12 of the controls I had already been to the day before-as a result I slashed 27 minutes of my PB for a Blue course for a time of 62:26. (although it probably had more to do with the ease of the terrain compared with NGOC dirty forest)

Fell Running Mendip Muddle


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What a weekend of drama! With not one but two events postponed due to the weather the tumbleweeds are rolling through our report section this week, luckily staved off by some of our intrepid members who made it to the Mendip Muddle. I would like to point out that weather related cancellations are a rather rare occurrence, generally done due to serious safety concerns, bad weather usually jest ends up with the organisers asking everyone to wear cagoules or raincoats. Luckily we have another week of training to look forward to, our Monday night run will be to its pub-run form and Wednesday brings the opportunity to dash madly around the university campus.

Mendip Muddle – by Meredith Moody

Our Mendip Muddle adventure began with Matt Pickering generously giving Oliver Feighan and I a lift, in the pouring rain of Storm Callum, to the Mendips for the 20km trail extravaganza. It was very wet. It was very muddy. It was fantastic. With approx. 400m of elevation, the height gain was not too bad for a fell race, but my legs weren't all that happy during the long slow ascents. To make up for this, the views were simply gorgeous (despite the lashing rain) and we got to run through the midst of a bunch of super cute ponies.

The race had a slightly disappointing finish with a road section for about 1.5km and just when I thought it was over we were diverted left by some marshals over some more field. I clocked in at 2:10, whilst Oliver just beat me to it with a time of 2:07, despite wearing road shoes and sliding all over the place! Definitely a race to recommend.